James Foley


One of my favourite things on the internet is when people share their computer setups. I like it so much that I’m subscribed to a number of different blogs and subreddits that cater to exactly this kind of content. I figure I might as well share mine. If I find the time I might dedicate other posts to documenting the progression of my setups over time, I think I have photos and memories at least back to the early 2000s.

Home Office

The centrepiece of this setup is a desk that I made with my Dad during the lockdowns of 2020. The surface is an old door that was gathering dust in the shed, and the frame is box iron that my Dad welded together for me. It’s sturdy, massive and painted an unapologetic shade of red. Looking back, if we were to do it again I would sand the surface down to a smooth finish, and rethink how the frame connects to the surface (it makes mounting any kind of monitor or boom arm a challenge), but it is what it is - a memory of, and monument to, a bizarre time spent with the people that matter the most.


Within reach at most times are three computers:

These all connect to an LG 32UN880-B, a 4K monitor with USB-C, Displayport and HDMI 2.0 ports. This monitor’s real party trick is that it comes as standard with a boom arm rather than a traditional stand, and I love the way it floats above my desk. Admittedly the USB-C port is a bit dodgy, and it’s neither the brightest or most colour accurate display, but I love it none the less.

For input I use the Apple Magic Keyboard, with a Magic Trackpad to the left and a Logitech MX Master 3 on the right. The trackpad and mouse combination might seem weird, but just trust me, it’s amazing. When gaming I use a Razer Blackwidow keyboard that my sister very kindly got me for Christmas in 2019. I wrote the lion’s share my college thesis using that keyboard, and it will always have a special place in my heart.

For audio I rotate between AirPods Pro and the Logi G-Pro X headset, and the Elgato Wave 3 microphone on some ultra-cheap, no name brand boom arm. Out of the box, the G-Pro headset is one of the worst sounding headphones I’ve ever used, but a strong dose of EQ’ing can actually get quite respectable results from them, and the comfort from the plush ear cups is wonderful.

To unwind, I have a PlayStation 5 that at the moment exists for the sole purpose of playing Destiny 2. I’m very much a one game at a time kind of person, and Destiny is the current obsession. Previous entries include Overwatch, Rocket League and Death Stranding (aka, the most surreal experience one can imagine when self isolating after getting COVID).



‘Office’ Office

Although Ericsson is currently fully flexible with regards work from home, and I love working from home, recently I’ve been going to the office more and more. The office is laid out by department, and within each a “hot desk” system is in place. Each desk is equipped with:

The policy is to bring your own keyboard and mouse, and for this I use a Logitech K380 bluetooth keyboard, and the previously mentioned MX Master 3 mouse. My AirPods are my go-to audio device for the office, the Active Noise Cancellation is a game changer.


An iPhone 12, provided by work but with my personal number added via an e-sim. I tried the work phone / personal phone thing for a while but it was too much of a pain.

I’d love to try living with a foldable phone for a while, but the cost of entry is so high, and Android (despite a number of attempts) is not a good fit for me. I hope that the Apple Industrial Design team are cooking up a foldable, and I hope that work will foot the bill if such a device ever sees the light of day.


Like most people, about 90% of my photos are taken on my phone, but when it’s time to be really intentional about what I’m photographing I like to bring out a big camera. My partner and I are LUMIX shooters, and have a collection of lenses that we share.

I have a LUMIX G9 camera body, and she has a GH5.

The lenses in our collection:

I’d like to add a really long lens like the 100-300mm, but it’s a flexible collection and I’ve taken some of my favourite photos with this gear.

In addition to the camera bodies and lenses we have a collection of tripods, gimbals, lights, backdrops, reflectors, batteries, and bags. I love all the toys I get access to courtesy of having an artist as a partner.

For bringing digital images into the real world we use a Canon IP8750 printer.