James Foley


I’ve realised that on occasion entries from my Day One might make sense to share.

“Lightfall”, the new expansion for Destiny 2 launched today. I haven’t played Destiny in a long time, probably a year or more at this stage. I still have memories of the original game launching, how hyped my friend group were, and how I was living in Wicklow at the time with no way to play it.

The guys were in a party waiting for midnight to come round, and I felt like I was missing the start of a journey that was going to last a decade. Over the years that would follow we as a group would fall in and out love with the game, as sour tastes were replaced with perfect balance patches, and the sweaty, tense, strategic teamwork required for clearing a raid still stands up as some of the best fun a group of friends can have whilst playing a game together.

I hope that this expansion rekindles a little of that, this is the 2nd last DLC for Destiny 2, with D3 coming around the corner. The plot has developed to a point I could never have seen coming, and it feels like I’m going to need to watch some myNameIsByf videos to catch up with the things I’ve missed. The traveller is in orbit? Some cabal and fallen are our allies? Who is the witness? See you in orbit.